2 November 2009

Risk behavior towards AIDS among prostitutes in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Risk behavior towards AIDS among prostitutes in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Basuki E; International Conference on AIDS.
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24; 8: D489 (abstract no. PoD 5603).

Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia.

OBJECTIVES: A study had been carried out to understand the risk behavior towards AIDS and its underlying causes among prostitutes. METHODS: The study was done in a prostitutes location in East Jakarta, Indonesia, during September-November 1991. Using time quota sampling technique, 100 respondents were sampled from a population of 364. The most important variables measured were, condom use intra venous drug injection. Data were gathered by doing in-depth-interview, focus group discussion and direct observation. This was a descriptive study, but an analytic test was also applied. RESULTS: Condoms were available at each drugstall in the localization, however, only 13% prostitutes use condom regularly. Only one respondent convinced practicing oral-genital beside the genito-genital intercourse. Nobody practicing anal sex and using intra venous drug. Only 60% of them had ever heard about AIDS and their knowledge were very limited. There were several myths which led them to practice unsafe sex, such as AIDS can only be received by having sex intercourse with the whites or foreigners, AIDS is the disease of homosexuals etc. Using the logistic regression test, factor influencing condom use were identified; such as initiative to use condom, knowledge that AIDS can not be cured, initiative to persuade customer to use condom, knowledge the prevention of AIDS and scared for being infected by HIV, with RR 1140.358, 85.7523, 32.3429, 31.5231 and 6.2351 respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Providing condom is not sufficient for success of the condom use program. An intensive education and counselling are needed, also important messages and ability to negotiate with the customers need to be stressed.
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